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Merry Christmas Everybody!

I'm Rudolph, and Christmas is just around the corner. Santa just started his weekly Reindeer Flight Inspections-we have to make sure we can fly high and all night long for Christmas Eve. So we are in practice now. We practice landing lightly on rooftops. We practice taking off with a full sleigh. It is very important that we all take off on the same hoof.if we rock the sleigh, the toys might fall out.

When we aren't practicing our flying we are helping the elves in Santa's workshop. We help them get the supplies in the back room, we help them test the toys (that's a lot of fun), and we help them eat the gingerbread houses Mrs Claus makes! Mmmmm good! I like the gingerbread houses decorated with gumdrops. Do you know what my favorite colour of gumdrop is? Red, of course!!!!! It matches my nose!!

Well, I'm glad you stopped in on my page to say hello. Christmas Eve is coming get ready for the most exciting night of the whole year!!!

From the Leaping Reindeer at the North Pole,
home of Santa's workshop.

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