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I have been useing pirch for a long time i have found out that it is one of the easiest irc chat clients to use.

If you like Popup's here are some popup' I also have a collection of Pil's if you would like and last of all ascii art

Below are all the versions of pirch  for your download

This is for windows 95 pirch32s.gif (541 bytes)

This is for Windows 3x pirch16s.gif (542 bytes)

It's here it's new it's got bugs it's for windows 95/98

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Lots of stuff here for Pirch theres Pil's,Scripts,Addons and much more

Spanner's Pirch & Pil Pages

The home of Roktech for Pirch he also has a lot of wavs

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more of the same here

There's a lot of stuff here

The Delicious Duck Zone

There's more out there and they all have different things so check them out hope to see you on irc

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There are a lot of popups here

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if you like asci art this is the place to go here you can get a text player for pich and ascii art to go with it along with pil's and help files

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Nice page for ascii art