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1.  Pirch EXtreme - New indepth guide to writing PIL scripts!
If you're looking for info on Pirch, your in the right place! The site has been compeletly re-written and I've added new pages with more on the way, including

2.  DALnet #pIRCh

PIRCH NOTE: If you have trouble downloading files from this site using Netscape Navigator please try to download from the DALNET #PIRCH Home page.

4. Spanner's Pirch & Pil Pages
Spanner's Pirch & Pil Pages I hope that you find some tips and examples of things that you will find useful to enhance your life on IRC with somewhere on

5.  Trakker's PIRCH Page
Welcome To PIRCH.ORG PIRCH '98 Released! Are you a scripter and you want FREE WEB SPACE? If you would like free web space for your PIRCH Script Page (only for

6.  Pirch (Pirch98)/IRC Chat ! ( Links, Chat Program, IRC, Consulting ! )
Pirch98 (Pirch) is a GREAT IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Chat Room program (Client) for Windows® 3.X (current version is v0.87b), Windows® 95 (current version is

The IRC Script Archive is the largest resource for a wide variety of IRC platforms for various operating systems

Pirch IRC Client Help Channel and information such as Nuke protection Scripts Versions etc.

9.  pIRCh

10.  SOFTSEEK.COM - PIRCH98 by Northwest Computer Services
PIRCH98 is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client with a number of advanced features and a powerful scripting language. Download from SoftSeek - The Source for