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Here's some wavs for you to download if you would like

2dozroses.wav   The song 2 dozen roses

ByeBye.wav  A kid saying ByeBye

Beans.wav    A funny commercial for baked beans

Badoldpc.wav Tweety saying bad old putty tat

Beer.wav  Homer saying ummmmm beer

Demented.wav This is what happens when demented people play with powerful toys

Foxwothy.wav   Jeff Foxworthy

Giggle.wav  A kid giggling

Itsy-Bitsy-Spider.wav   This is my son singing Itsy-Bitsy-Spider

Ladyinred.wav The song lady in red

Likitup.wav   Kiss lick it up

Mansong.wav   You need to hear this one

Womansong.wav This one too

Pmsing.wav  a guy yelling oh my god she's pmsing run for it

Rodeo.wav  The rodeo song

Stroken.wav   The song stroken

Think.wav Curley saying I'm trying to think and nothing is happening

Wink.wav Neil McCoy's song wink

That's all for my wavs but here's some links to more

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